It is necessary to create curiosity first, talking about the world of possibilities that will open to the reader after the secret is revealed. That is, there is a chain of ideas and advantages while reading. The anticipation of this learning is a strong motivator for reading.

Show that he’s doing everything wrong.
The possibility of doing something wrong in the wrong way is often enough to get people’s attention. We all want to do our best in our activities and we do not want to waste our efforts.

Generally, to imagine that even after much effort we may not get the results we want is enough to disturb our thoughts. So this can be a great tip to use as a hook in the introductions of your texts.

Ask rhetorical questions

When you actually talk to the reader through rhetorical questions, you obviously do not expect him to respond to the text. However, the first reaction he will have during reading is to respond to these questions, albeit unconsciously.

As you ask these questions, you stimulate the reader’s reflection and make him realize the relevance of the topic you are writing about.

Use strategic words

There are some magic words that should go through our mind when we think about how to make an introduction. Examples are:

  • Tips
  • Secret
  • Trick
  • Proven
  • Infallible
  • Instant
  • Simple
  • Now
  • imagine