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You have completed the last work your studies and have to defend your thesis or Master’s thesis only in a colloquium presentation?

Then you should now definitely stay tuned, because in this blog article we will discuss how you present your research as possible and successfully erwehrst up to the cheap custom research papers attacks of the experts.

With 7 simple steps we go through your personal Colloquium presentation so that you all set up for the exam and go krönst your thesis with an outstanding extra touch.

What is a colloquium presentation?

This Latin phrase stands for a “conversation” between experts. That you are an expert in your field, you’ve already proven in your thesis. Therefore, the term “defend” their own thesis or Master’s thesis is a somewhat misleading term.

It is not in the defense of your thesis it to justify your approach, after you have discussed it well with your appraiser in preliminary discussions and consultations. Rather, this additional service is used to check if you can discuss your topic at a high level.

As a colloquium is built at your university depends on the examination regulations of your chair. In general, the construction of such an event, however, looks like this:

  • minutes presentation time
  • minutes Talk

Auditors do not want to maul your thesis during a colloquium presentation or let you fall through. They are sympathetic to you and wish to discuss the results of your research with you in person. Often, such a colloquium for them is a formality when the examination regulations they now even provides.

So there is absolutely no need to worry.

From students point of view, of course, the situation looks a little different. Such presentation is not every day and discuss with a professor at eye level, can act a bit at first thought intimidating. To rid yourself of all concerns, I have summarized all the steps for you, you can take in preparation for your colloquium.

The goal is to make your Colloquium presentation successful, follows a simple formula:

The more carefully is your preparation, the better your defense fails.

So you’re going to leave a lasting impression and express your outstanding taste emphasis in addition to your already grand final thesis. Let’s go.

Read your thesis bird’s 1

Up to defend your thesis take a few weeks to process. Use this break to celebrate the release of your thesis and to enjoy the tranquility after a stressful time. Do not go crazy and let your work are you for defending at least a week without them touching.

If you have gathered new strength and you feel yourself ready for the preparation of your thesis, read your work again. But this time you read it from the perspective of an outsider. Try your hand oneself in the position of an expert review and work on strengths, weaknesses and win an unbiased overview


With a little distance you can more sober and take a look from a new perspective, even if it still is your own words your work. Use this time to get away and rested as possible and to start factually in the preparation of your colloquium.

Grab some now the complete solution for writing an outstanding Housework:

Prepare your presentation to 2

Now it is pragmatic. Your colloquium is likely to begin with a presentation that makes up a large part of this final review at the same time. Now your skills are in demand, you’ve got your papers in during your studies. Tips for a successful presentation are one of my greatest passions, partly because I myself here still has much to learn.

For a regular presentation within a seminar I would shribe the! Principle followed to differentiate themselves creatively as possible from the other units and presentation styles. In the colloquium, however

recommends a more sober version, in order to meet the importance of this presentation.

These three substantive points you should in any case note:

Arrange your presentation as your thesis

In your colloquium presentation, unless otherwise required, you tell the story succinctly your final thesis. This means that you need content come up with a similar outline to fully retell your argument. Including a brief introduction, your research motivation and so on. Here you can read again how you can even customize your academic work with an outline of steel. Or here as a video.

Focusing yourself in your presentation to these four pillars

  • questions / hypotheses
  • style=”list-style: none”> style=”list-style: none”> value for research (and / or practice)

Balance the weight adequate for

Make sure that you adequately gewichtest your agenda. Use eg less time for the introduction as for the results, because they are much more important. Depending on how much time you have available, you should plan exactly how many minutes on what part of your presentation fall. The more important part of the content, the more time you should plan for it.

These three stylistic points are also part of the Roadmap for a successful Colloquium:

Choose a simple but attractive foil design

If there are

of your university an official template, it grab and take the best features. Usually such templates are just ultra bored. In a normal speech we might here proceed creative, but with such a formal appointment as the colloquium, you should make sure the foil design on number.


I suggest a middle ground by you take the best features of a formal designs by looking einbaust example, the university or Department logo in your presentation (very important) and the rest of the design with your own font and your pictures own , lend professional touch.

Use little text

The standard advice for successful presentations must also learn not neglect the colloquium. Everyone present knows how much do you have to report to your topic. However overcharge by no means your slides with text. Maximum 3-4 bullet points per slide should show up here. trying to convey verbally more information, rather than just to repeat that what is written on the slides.

Work also with your pictures. Here’s no extra work for you to, because your figures and tables you’ve already been implemented in your thesis. to explain the relationships and results of your investigation, using beautiful illustrations, is an absolute key step.

Make sure that the labels are shown large enough. Pixelated images are an absolute no-go and pull down your score! So copy it in best quality in your PowerPoint slides.

Referenziere your bullet points

Now briefly back to the text of your films. All that is part of the introduction, the literature and theory part, or by discussion of your results, must be referenced just like in your written work. Joining the respective authors in brackets after your content bullet points one, with a slightly smaller font size. And often in multiple sources behind a single statement. The more the better. So something like this:

Try your presentation to make it more attractive, informative and professional. Remember, possibly a foreign person could sit there, who is not an expert in your field. Therefore, the following principle applies to your colloquium.

Arm yourself for the discussion 3

Are you with your Colloquium presentation and your nerve at the end, only the exciting part is for everyone involved. A small, loose discussion. It should be said once again that you really need to have no panic. Professors are people who tell their colleagues after work a politically incorrect joke and on weekends a glass of Vinho Verde drinking too much.

You want to embarrass anyone in the colloquium, but test how of course you can have a conversation about a scientific fact.

So Stay relaxed and take to let you sink a few seconds to a question before you answer. Call authors you read for your work, and also think about your own idea about your topic. If you can reflect your theme and your own work critically, you’ve already won.

The more clearly you describe your approach

in your colloquium presentation, the fewer questions will be asked after this. In the end, questions could be lurking that demands a prediction about the future of you. So do you worry about how research like yours might look like in a few years.

Train emergencies 4

The discussion can not be trained, but you can influence the issues by clearing every ambiguities immediately beseitigst in your presentation. If the content of your films, it comes from practicing your presentation now.

The more you practice

your colloquium presentation, the better they will be in an emergency.

I’m not kidding here, but if you want to deliver a truly perfect performance, then just practicing it 47 times. Or 22 times. Depending on how long you need to ensure it fits. So you can recite it even in his sleep out.

You shall not like a robot down rinse your talk, but act spontaneously, yet certain. The better you have practiced your presentation, you can all the more devote to other things such as your body language or eye contact.

Grab a friend, your aunt or your dog and use him or her as a test audience.

Start fighting fit in the day of your Colloquium presentation 5

The lecture sitting, the USB flash drive is cleaned and freed from unpleasant holiday; now we can start.

The night before your presentation you should make sure it is complete and functioning again.

Take two buses earlier. Drive one hour to early, if tips over on the way to the university a vice with M & Ms.

Drop an ordinary shirt on. (For the girls. So chic as always)

breakfasts of oatmeal, fruit and nuts. The main thing you have breakfast


Go before everyone else in the room, and prepare the equipment before.

wishes all present a good morning.

Rocke your appraiser 6

Now you can show what you’ve done everything in the past few months. Be self-confident. You’re the expert. Although the Sesselfurzer from the audience you answer critical questions, you fegst them with ease away, for you are well prepared.

Visualize how you have successfully passed your colloquium.

And before you know it you it’s reality. You passed. And not just the colloquium, but your entire studies. Congratulations!

also celebrates your degree with stock of 7

success would be celebrated. Take the day of your colloquium no other dates, but go to your favorite activity. Reward yourself with a great meal, a sparkling wine, perhaps, or an afternoon without any obligations. maybe even go on holiday.

A stressful time is behind me and an exciting before you. So your head can separate these sections, plan a break.

And then you start with full power into your next adventure.