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Correctional institutions in Pennsylvania

With its capital in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is a state of The United States of America located in the northeast. It shares its borders with Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia and Ohio.

The main aspiration of a correctional facility is protecting its citizens by detaining persons who commit wrongs to safe custody with safe and secure facilities, and provide ample opportunities to the detained persons so that they can acquire skills in order to become better citizens and enrich the human resource of the country qualitatively; by paying due respect to the rights of the crime victims.

There are in total 26 state correctional centers, 14 community correctional institutions and juvenile correctional institutions in Pennsylvania.

This site is dedicated to provide all the information demanded regarding the different correctional institutions and facilities. The entire prison system of the state is under the control of the American Correctional Association or the ACA and the Department of Corrections controls the different correctional units.

If information is needed regarding the employment process and terms of employment in these facilities and institutions, it will be easily available and accessible from here. We also provide information regarding the affiliation of the centers and the correctional facilities and exactly what these facilities are used for.

Unlike most other websites on the Internet, we do not confine our information to only adult correctional facilities it also delves deep into the system of juvenile correctional facilities.

All the information and burning topics can be viewed right from here. Updates are also an important factor when it comes to legal proceedings thus c-cap provides unbiased opinions about the improvements and changes that frequently take place under the huge and extensive umbrella of Judiciary and Legislation.

Necessary information about the government and non-government organizations and units that work for the correctional facilities can also be found within our archives.